Welcome to the FCA XVenture Essential Skills Program!

If you are a football coach, an administrator, a player, a parent, a referee, a sports teacher, a student or someone who wants to learn how to make the best in life, on or off the field, this program is for you.

Under the Football Coaches Australia (FCA) partnership with XVenture this series of online courses aim to develop the 'essential skills' of coaching - Leadership, Resilience, Culture, Communication Skills, Mental agility & Emotional Intelligence.

In line with Football Coaches Australia mantra "Promoting and strengthening the reputation of football in Australia and the reputation of Australian football on the world stage" the FCA XV Essential Skills Program is a new era in coach and personal improvement education.

The program was created by XVenture Founder and CEO, Mike Conway, who is the emotional agility and mind coach for elite athletes and teams (including Olympians, the Socceroos and A-League teams) and global corporations/ organisations.

This unique program is delivered completely online and designed to create a rich and engaging learning experience. It is filled with contemporary examples from football globally, as well as providing an overview of key research.

The FCA XVenture Essential Skills Program consists of 5 modules PLUS a new Foundation course which is a blend of 20 subjects from these 5 modules.
  *   1. Emotional Intelligence
  *   2. Leadership
  *   3. Communication
  *   4. Culture
  *   5. Resilience
  *   Foundations of FCA XV Essential Skills (a blend of 20 subjects from Modules 1-5)

All those who complete the modules will be armed with tools and techniques to improve individual and team performance, as well as improved personal well-being.

The first four modules contain 20 subjects and the fifth has 23 subjects presented in a variety of fully integrated and multi-media style materials in the form of videos, articles, activities and podcasts and connected tests to confirm understanding of key concepts.

Subjects include a mix of latest thinking and contemporary research, brought to life and coloured with real cases and examples from football coaching – from grassroots to elite.

Modules 1 - 5 are delivered in a revolutionary virtual world environment where you’re provided access to additional and exclusive content. Each module delves deeper into the subject areas and provides maximum learning, growth and development opportunities.

The Foundations of FCA XV Essential Skills Course consists of a blend of subjects from Modules 1-5 and has been designed to introduce key principles. Subjects are presented in a linear, and more traditional e-learning fashion. (Unlike Modules 1-5, this module is not delivered in a virtual world environment.)

Check out this introduction from the program's creator and emotional agility and mind coach, Mike Conway.

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Australian coaches who complete modules 1-5 (and/or Foundation of FCA XV Essential Skills Course) will be credited with 2 CPD hours per module*, and anyone who completes Modules 1-5 will receive Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) from our Australian University partner, University of Wollongong.**

To get details on the individual modules and subjects, you can click on the individual modules below.

*In line with Football Australia's policy, only a maximum of 6 CPD hours (3 modules) will count towards license revalidation in a three year period.

 ** Please note, completion of Foundations of FCA XV Essential Skills Course does not lead to Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). To qualify for RPL, Modules 1-5 need to be completed.

What Coaches are Saying

Championship Principles

Terry McFlynn, Football Operations Manager, Perth Glory FC

The principles of the FCA XV Essential Skills program were applied at Sydney FC in the record-breaking 2016 - 2019 seasons. The principles are relevant to coaches of any level who want to improve themselves and positively impact their players and team performance.

Potentially life-saving

Allen Ellis Under 15s Coach, Northbridge & Professional Firefighter

I’m finding every aspect of the program so valuable. I am definitely expanding my knowledge, but what has been most powerful is that reminder of the importance of seeing players as people first. As a coach of an under 15’s boys team, I realise that being inclusive as a coach is critical. Furthermore, understanding how a coach can support and build resilience is potentially life saving. If we don’t monitor the emotional and mental side, we risk coaching young players out of the game.