How many times have you heard the word “resilience” over the last couple of years?  A quick check on google and there are 212 million references of the word! 

Resilience in simple terms relates to the speed in which you can move on from a disappointment. Sounds easy but it actually isn’t given our human default is pessimism. As human beings, we do pessimism really well! If anyone has sat in the changing room after losing a major final or even worse, a penalty shoot-out, you’ll know the feeling.  We can be in a sad zone for quite a while.  For some too long. 

The 23 subjects in this module:

  • Introduce the topic of resilience
  • Provide an understanding of how resilience and low resilience affects our health
  • Provide examples of incredible resilience
  • Provide practical steps for those who need help at various levels
  • Introduce the concept of “learned optimism” and how to build this
  • An explanation of how “Learned optimism” can change our attitudes and behaviours by recognising and challenging our negative self-talk as well as other negative thinking 
  • Provide case studies on how elite performers have built greater resilience. 
  • Provide an introduction to methods for improving focus, energy and attention; reduced distraction both emotional and sensory; practical mindfulness techniques that are used on and off the field; methods for reframing mistakes in a more effective way; practical visualisation, sleep management
  • Provide other techniques which have aided the genuine improvement of resilience.

Happy learning!


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