“If there was one single thing we can do to make a significant improvement in the performance of any team is working on our communication. If I’m right then this module is a critical piece for every coach, player, teacher and parent.” (Mike Conway, 2020)

“Good communication skills are the key to successful teamwork. The sign of a great team is when players not only respect and listen to each other, but also keep an open mind to ensure they achieve a common goal.” Vincent Kompany.

Good coaches know the nuances of their players. They know how they will and won’t respond to instructions, to new roles, to new responsibilities.  They know how they learn and how they share information.  They know how they communicate and how best to build and break a relationship.  This takes significant time.  It also helps if you have an understanding of the main elements of how communication works.  We do it every day but we were never taught! 

The 20 subjects in this module:

  • Provide an introduction to the key processes involved in communication
  • Draw attention to specific skills such as active listening and non-verbal communication cues
  • Provide practical tools and techniques for presentation skills including how to adapt to different audiences and stakeholders
  • Provide models and guidance for message delivery; giving feedback and dealing with difficult people


This module provides an additional benefit: coaches are provided with a summary of the latest research on on-field communications undertaken by XVenture with Perth Glory coaching staff and players. 

Happy learning!


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