Building a great team has never been easy.  A great team exudes that extra confidence that from the outside is difficult to understand. But it’s not just in people’s heads. It comes from the team’s culture.  

“It’s easier to expect success when working in an organisation that has a culture of accountability, collaboration and initiative.  Without this, it’s easier and more self-protective to assume failure so the person is not disappointed and instead pleasantly surprised.” (Kanter)

The 20 subjects in this module:

  • Dig into the essence of great team culture
  • Use the latest thinking, research and analysis of the great teams over the recent period
  • Provide the opportunity to get behind the scenes of long-lasting World-class environments and learn first-hand how they have stood the test of time
  • Provide practical steps on how to build your own long-lasting team cultures
  • Provide an understanding of how trust impacts collaboration, cohesion and success
  • Teach how to bring about effective change to non-performing cultures 

Any good coach will constantly be reviewing the team landscape looking for signs and signals on how the team is performing and making adjustments. Learn about the system for building a new culture in any team including the hugely successful Sydney FC, the Socceroos, the Olyroos and Joeys through case study materials and interviews. 

You will also gain alternative insights from other successful sports teams including cricket and rugby and non-sports teams too. Strengths lie in differences not in similarities.  Understanding people’s different styles and ways of working will help you understand each member of your team to get the best out of them. How do you build a unique team identity? What does a true caring environment look like and feel like?  How do you build effective ream rules and gain buy-in?


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