Oxytocin & Trust Programs

An excerpt from the Article: Techniques and Application of Mental Coaching Techniques by Mike Conway

I’m a supporter of the work of neuroscientist, Paul Zak who has demonstrated that trust is a significant component in how people and teams perform. 

I have been interested in this for a number of years and in my work at Sydney FC (2016-2019) and others too. Where individuals in teams trust each other, performance seems to be much greater. Why? In simple terms, we’re happier when we are in a trusting environment. So, how about working on being happier which enables us to trust more too! Over the last few years I have been working with Maty Ryan, the Australian national football team goalkeeper who has played in the EPL club Brighton & Hove Albion F.C., Arsenal and now at Real Sociedad in Spain. 

Maty is a highly dedicated and disciplined athlete at the top level of his sport. His interest in maximising the mental side of his game, and his commitment to learn has made him a fantastic individual to work with. Over the years, I’ve introduced many techniques to him. In particular, working with him to reinforce and encourage heightened oxytocin levels and reduction of cortisol at the right time. This combined with fast- track mindfulness and EQ programs is fine tuning his already built gifts and talents.

It is early days for this research and early days in its application but it seems very obvious: increase the levels of happiness in life, maximise trust on and off the field (or in and out of the office) and see the results. The happiness element is so important. Noticing those great moments, those times when things have gone well for us, acknowledging that life in balance is a good one, that we’re the fortunate ones as we get to do what we enjoy. Sometimes this is missed and the overwhelm of losing and being judged for this take precedent.

So, what can you do to introduce the secret ingredient of Trust and other key tools into your coaching and team for greater success?

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