Read: Achieving 5-10% improvement is easier than you think

As pre-season is about to kick off (or already has) with many of our community clubs around the country, we asked championship winning emotional agility and mind coach, Mike Conway the question “Is it possible to improve individual and team performance by 5-10% from one week to another?”

This was a leading question as we know that Mike has been able to achieve this with two A-League teams he has worked with. Mike’s remedy is certainly not just for the elite, in fact, it’s one which would bring many parents of teens and young people much joy.

Check out Mike’s tips here....

Manage the use of Phones/Smart Devices for 5-10% improvement

· Reducing daily use of phones and phone checking by 50% (this can be tracked by using the monitor screen time function on a smart phone)

· Listening to music rather than checking phone in the hours leading up to a game.

· Remove phone from the bedroom an hour before rest and in the evening dimming the screen brightness

· Noticing and reflecting on how we are using phones – both positively and negatively.

· Moving phones further away from our eyes and regularly blinking (to reduce dry eye).

· Turning phones off and putting them away when meeting people.

· Lifting phones up horizontal to the eyes rather than crouching over it.

· Regular reviews of phone use and share changes with a trusted friend/team mate


The FCA XV Essential Skills Program is filled with practical tips and guidance on these types of subjects. Furthermore, Mike and his team at XVenture are available to provide individual support for players and coaches to improve performance. Please make contact with for details.