Foundations of FCA XV Essential Skills Course

Fast-Track E-Learning Across EQ, Leadership, Resilience, Communication & Culture

Are you:

  • Not quite sure which module to choose and would prefer a little bit of everything from Modules 1-5?
  • Looking for a fast-tracked program to get 30 CPD points for license re-validation whilst still getting a great learning experience?  
  • Looking for a more traditional and linear e-learning experience (this course is not delivered in a virtual world environment) consisting of videos, podcasts, articles and websites?

Then the Foundations of FCA XV Essential Skills Course is for you…

Check out this video introduction to the Foundations of FCA XV Essential Skills Course from Mike Conway, Founder & CEO of XVenture and Emotional Agility and Mind Coach of the Socceroos…


Here is a broad list of the 20 subjects included:

Emotional Intelligence:

  • Introduce the topics of Emotional intelligence and Emotional Agility
  • Provide you with practical examples of how to understand emotional intelligence
  • Deliver an understanding of how the brain and mind work and its connection to yours and other’s performance 
  • Help you understand how you and others respond to certain situations  


  • Provide an exciting blend of the latest leadership principles and models to help you build your own picture of the Coach as a leader
  • How to choose leaders
  • Provide tools and techniques to inspire your team to generate buy-in and be a special place for all who participate


  • An introduction to communication
  • Working to create Win-Win situations
  • Communication to different types of people
  • Inspiring Messages and storytelling


  • Dig into the essence of great team culture
  • Provide the opportunity to get behind the scenes of long-lasting World class environments and learn first-hand how they have stood the test of time
  • Looking at the impact of Attitudes, Behaviours, Beliefs and Rituals
  • Providing a Caring Environment


  • Introduce the topic of resilience
  • Provide an understanding of how resilience and low resilience affects our health
  • Provide an introduction to methods for improving focus, energy and attention; reduced distraction both emotional and sensory; sleep management
  • Personal Branding

Completion of this module and achievement of minimum requirements in connected tests will provide 30 CPD points towards license re-validation. However, completion of this module does not lead to Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). To qualify for RPL, Modules 1-5 would need to be completed.