Read: Dealing with the Young Mind

an interactive ebook part of the Emotional Intelligence module in the FCA XV Essential Skills Program


As a coach, can you help to build the idea that there are significant steps that will lead to improvement, which if built into habit will lead to greater growth and more improvement?

Some will get it quicker than others of course but if we’re not careful the Craig Johnston’s, the Robbie Slater’s and the Nobby Stiles will be missed. They were in the pack but were encouraged on their journeys and grabbed the idea of the 3 Ds -Direction; decision; dedication (as referenced in activity 1.11). 

Can you, coach, do this? Can you encourage your players to try out new things? Encourage them to explore? Can you give them fresh things to look at which can help them on their path, so their hardware is fit and ready to grab all the opportunities that come their way? 

Young people can and will respond to important people in their life. Communicating, listening, sharing, sacrificing. They can and will learn this from you if you commit and give them the time.......CLICK ACCESS FOR FREE TO READ THE ARTICLE

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